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ENGINE B2B CRM Marketing ETL data pipeline

CRM Marketing Dashboard Overview


What is a CRM/Marketing Dashboard?

A CRM dashboard is a visual display of information that provides a broad overview of your marketing metrics, sales activities, and KPIs. A CRM dashboard enables you to keep track of your CRM marketing strategies and achieve your marketing goals.

Why is a CRM Dashboard Important?

CRM or marketing dashboards are essential because they provide marketing teams with access to your company’s most valuable, relevant data on a single panel, shared platform.

How a CRM Dashboard Supports B2B Sales Funnel Reporting

A sales funnel helps businesses identify and segment potential clients through a series of content that starts at the point of creating an awareness of the product or service and ends at a purchase stage.

B2B companies find it challenging to identify and figure out the touchpoints of individual customers. That’s where CRM dashboards come in to support B2B businesses with CRM tracking. This helps develop and implement more effective marketing goals geared towards higher marketing performance.

CRM dashboard platforms such as Tableau and Pipedrive provide businesses with the ability to collect different views and visualizations that showcase different data sets at the same time. Below is an image of an Engine dashboard using Tableau.

CRM Dashboard

**The above video is showcasing an ENGINE CRM Marketing Tableau dashboard built through the extraction, transformation, and loading of the following data sources: Google Ads Paid Search, Facebook Ads Manager, Bing Ads, Salesforce, Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Find out more about Business Intelligence and how our Team can build automated data pipelines and create beautiful Tableau business dashboards for your company.

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Benefits of CRM Marketing Dashboards


CRM dashboards provide businesses with multiple views, business unit views, and sales funnel views with high flexibility in setting the time intervals; quarterly, monthly, or weekly. Marketing dashboards aren’t just an easy way of viewing your marketing data and metrics. Their value goes beyond that, and here are their core benefits to your business:

Real-time Sales & Revenue Forecasting

A CRM marketing dashboard provides in-depth insights into customers’ interaction with your product and purchasing patterns over time. This consumer insight allows you to create high-quality marketing strategies and accurately predict your sales and revenue projections for any given period.


CRM reporting involves presenting your marketing metrics and KPIs under a single panel. This saves you valuable time that you could have spent on compiling data from various multiple data sources because you can now access it from a centralized location.

Better Inventory Control

Access to all your products and services under a single marketing dashboard. This will allow you to accurately determine your inventory’s stock levels and, therefore, effectively order and allocate your inventory.

Better Marketing Performance Monitoring

A marketing dashboard gathers all data curated from your efforts across different marketing channels. It presents it visually, allowing you to monitor your marketing performance over set periods. Data insights into your marketing performance will enable you to develop and implement better strategies to achieve your marketing goals.

Scalable Reporting

CRM dashboards are highly scalable. A dashboard created for a specific audience can easily be duplicated for other audiences with only a few adjustments. This feature is essential for B2B companies that support many big organizations with many moving parts. 

Track your B2B Sales Funnel in real-time


ENGINE‘s CRM and marketing dashboard component offers businesses robust, scalable, and easy-to-use dashboard solutions for sales and marketing teams. It will be easier to achieve marketing goals and implement marketing strategies within a cost-effective budget.

Get in touch with our team of CRM dashboards today and learn how ENGINE Analytics can help your business track the sales pipeline and ultimately grow ROI.

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